Cartoon-characters dress

Cartoons are everyone’s favourite, especially when it comes to children. Which child won’t want to dress up as his favourite cartoon character and imitate it? Give your child a chance to play the role of his beloved cartoon or superhero and bring a smile on your face. At Fairy Tales Creation, we have a collection of cartoon and superhero outfits of any size or measurement. Now whether your chid want to dress up as Iron Man or Captain America to save the world from the forces of evil, or want to become a joker and bring a smile to everyone’s face, we have solution to all your worries.

Our costumes can be used for school annual fests in school or specific events like comic con or maybe costume competitions. We guarantee quality materials for our costume that keeps the authenticity and practicality intact while also making it colourful and extraordinary.

Some of our interesting collection of cartoon character outfits includes the likes of Doraemon, Nobita, Shin chan , Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Anna, Elsa and many more. Now adorn your little girl in a cute Barbie princess dress or am Elsa outfit inspired from the Frozen series, Fairy Tales Creation has it all to make her feel coming straight out of the Magic Land. Our costume collection is made with care and love for these characters. We understand their appeal and project it onto our outfits as well.

Classical-Dance dress

The variety of dance forms in India portrays the unity of our country. These dances hail from different parts of the nation, but each one of them symbolizes the delight and enthusiasm of a specific event. It is the magic of these dance forms that attracts children of all ages. Whether it is the Annual Function at school or any other event in the community, you can easily spot at least one classical dance performance. Children look so graceful while performing these dance forms that you just can’t resist admiring them. We, at Fairy Tales Creation very well understand that the grace of the dance doubles up with the right fit costume and expressions. Thus, we bring you a wide range of fancy dress costumes for children.

Costumes-For-Annual-Shows dress

Make annual days the most memorable days of your child’s life. School annual shows are not just memorable for the students, but for you parents as well. Seeing your child on stage, in front of the audience is undoubtedly quite a precious moment. As pleasurable as annual shows are, we won’t deny, they can get a tad bit tedious too. With lines to learn, rehearsals to go for and costumes to arrange for, it is a task in itself.

Whether your child is playing the role of the protagonist or otherwise, we have costumes for all. At Fairly Tale Creations, we provide annual show costumes for individual characters as well as for commonly performed scripts. With one less thing to worry about, you can now focus on preparing your child to shine the brightest on stage! Choose from our wide range of fancy costumes and create beautiful memories for life with your child.

Folk-Dance dress

Indo Western costumes include gowns, offbeat saris, dhotis, capes, trousers, and kurtas, etc. They are vibrant, rich and extremely easy to manage at events. Indo Western costumes are embellished with bold, iconic motifs, but can also be created in more subtle designs. You can choose from a wide variety of costumes depending upon your personal level of comfort.

Color your child in the heritage of India’s diverse culture. Indian folk dances are such an awe-inspiring sight to the eyes. Not only is it a traditional art form that all Indians should be proud of, but is a great way to teach children to respect and value different people, culture, race, and tribe. These dance forms are so vibrant and energetic that reflecting the culture through them requires commendable skills and practice to perform.

Freedom-Fighters dress

The independent India we are living today in is the gift of our Freedom Fighters. They struggled and dedicated their lives to make India an independent nation. It is due to their sacrifices and determination that we are free from foreign rule. Make your child step into the shoes of these patriotic leaders by dressing them as Freedom Fighters. It will be a great way for him to step into the pages of the Indian independence struggle.

Whether you are looking for the fancy dress of a freedom fighter for competitions or for theme based parties, we have costumes that are very realistic. All our costumes are created keeping in mind the minutest of details to ensure perfection.

We believe in providing high-quality costumes at affordable prices. Therefore, all our costumes have been created keeping in mind the proper use of appropriate fabric that does not wear off with time.

India had an army of freedom fighters who made their mark in history. Check out our wide range of freedom fighter costumes and we are sure you will find what you are looking for.

International-costumes dress

Why just around your own place when you can go global? The world is a huge place with an amalgamation of cultures having different styles of ethnicity, clothing, and accessories. Other countries have just as great cultures as ours.

Your little ones need exposure to the world outside of their immediate surroundings. The life of people in other countries might differ from that of ours. We might essentially all do the same thing but the way we go about doing it is always different in every part of the world. Giving that knowledge to your children is just as much as important as teaching them about our own cultures and traditions.

Dressing up your children in the International costumes is an important learning step in their life. Get your child dressed in International costumes and be proud to own a little foreigner.

Jungle dress

It may be a creative concept for children to learn about different forms of life on earth. Teaching them that there are other living beings in the form of animals and plant life can be a superb learning experience. Our world comprises of a lot of beauty, thanks to the wonders of Mother Nature in the form of animal life like Tigers, Elephants, Butterflies and plant life like flowers, carrots, and pumpkins. Teaching your children about these through fancy dress events or Halloween costumes is a fun way to let them explore the world on their own terms.

Professionals dress

One of the most common questions asked in childhood- What do you want to become when you grow up? Well, let your kid not only answer that but get a feel of what he/she aspires to be! Yes, we are talking about dressing your kid as Professionals!

The way schools organize platforms for children to learn and grasp things is amazing. From fancy dress competitions to Plays and Annual Day functions, they are all steps to help your child grow better. These events also bring in an opportunity for your children to get acquainted with the various professions that exist. A wonderful chance to help them learn about all these professions and contribute to a better future!

Your children need the best experience when it comes to such activities and events. It’s during these growing years when they are dressed up in fancy costumes that they learn the big lessons of life. Why not dress up your children in one of these costumes for their school’s next event and see how much they enjoy this learning experience.

Tribal-costumes dress

Tribes still exist in many portions of the world and all of them still have interesting lifestyles, practices, and fashion choices. India has a rich tribal culture and we can’t resist mentioning their dressing sense. The incredible tribal fashion takes us back to the times of our ancestors. The exotic prints with a sense of wild vibes were clearly influenced with the practices and culture of those times. We are in no way shy in replicating these fashion choices ourselves with even a little bit of extra personal touch to make it more appealing.

At Fairy Tales Creation, we’ve captured and understood the trends that the people then preferred and recreated the outfits with better fashion sense. Our costumes are authentic and inspired by real outfits. The quality of our costumes is unmatched. They last long and their vibrant colors stay intact.

You can use these costumes in fancy dress competitions, annual functions, role plays or theatre plays. Check out our exotic collection of tribal costumes to experience a portion of the tribal life and culture.